did i say tutorial?

This week sort of got away from me.  I shot all the photos and even took good notes while I made this belt, but I haven’t been organized enough to put together the tutorial.  Not that anyone is holding their breath, but I will do it soon.

The reason why I like this belt so much is because it is a patchwork belt that actually holds your pants up.  I know.  Shocking…. The base material is a very sturdy cotton webbing and the d-rings are also quite hefty.  There are a few good tutorials out there for patchwork belts (I like this one in particular), but I couldn’t find a tutorial for a d-ring belt that combines fabric and webbing. If you skip the patchwork and just use one cut of a favorite fabric, you can finish up one of these babies in a flash.  I made two for my boy this way.  I know it looks simple (because it is) but it took me three tries before I got this right.  Hopefully others can learn from my stupid mistakes.


4 thoughts on “did i say tutorial?

  1. i have not worn a belt since the birth of my third child (10 1/2 years ago), but if I did wear a belt it would look like that one! If only those boys of mine were younger – then i’d have an excuse to make one.

  2. I do have a question, I don’t need the all tutorial but I wonder what kind of needles you use, Do you have to use a super thick one? of super thick thread?

    This belt is beautiful… I am staring.

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