the overly enthusiastic bridesmaid

My sister-in-law (I call her City Auntie on this blog) is getting married in about a year and I am honored to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.  I’ve been in three weddings before.  I was Alpine Auntie’s maid of honor and a bridesmaid for two of my best friends from college.  When Alpine Auntie got married I was living in Berlin, so I wasn’t able to get very involved in the planning.  I did get to chose my own dress and found the perfect one in a boutique in Luxembourg.  {Boy was my life soooo different back then.}  The details for the other two weddings were mostly handled by the brides and their mothers.  

This wedding is different.  Now that City Auntie lives so close to us, the opportunities to help her plan abound.  And, wow, am I excited to help.  I love coming up with all sorts of DIY ideas and badger City Auntie regularly with e-mails and links to lovely, lovely things.  I daydream about sewing up 200+ cloth napkins for the reception (unlikely to happen, but I love the idea) and assembling perfect little party favors.  I realized the other day that I could possibly be getting a little bit too into it.  Especially for someone who eloped.  *Ahem.*

Here is what happened.  My mom gave me a gorgeous bouquet of roses the first day that I returned back to work after maternity leave.  The flowers were incredible; they looked like this.  When the petals began to discolor, rather then throw them into the compost pile, I conducted a little DIY flower arranging experiment to see what I could come up with.  The result is the top photo. Another view of the arrangement is here. Not perfect. But not bad.  You know–for an overly enthusiastic bridesmaid.

On another topic, my baby girl is already getting old.  Notice how she can practically sit up on her own, on her handmade quilt, which was sewn with love by Alpine Auntie.  {How I love that quilt with it’s perfect colors, some of my most favorite dots, and it’s hand-tied pouffy goodness.}

“Hey Mom.  I’m not sure how I feel about this pedicure.  I think the paint on the toenails of my right foot is a bit uneven.  Can we go back to the salon?”

I’m not sure if it shows in these photos, but I have been fiddling with my camera lately.  Been trying to stay away from the auto modes and figure out how to use more natural light. The idea to capture her age each month with a tag comes from the lovely and talented Anna who works wonders with her digital SLR over at Hank & Willie.


7 thoughts on “the overly enthusiastic bridesmaid

  1. I love that you’re so excited about the wedding! It helps so much to hear ideas… and those flowers are so pretty! You’re hired 🙂

  2. that little gal of yours is just too cute! I feel so spoiled seeing you gals twice in 1 week!

  3. oh, I would love to be a bridesmaid.
    The only wedding I ever went to was my own wedding!
    Such a lovely baby that you have…hello, oh yes, hello, you are so cute…oh hello, you are sssoooo cute 🙂

  4. Thanks for the shout out there! Isn’t that the best idea? (Completely not original to me, but I love when I see my mama friends doing it too.)

    Before I read the mention of me, I was thinking, WOW these photos just look so lovely and crisp and…your fiddling shows–nice work! I can’t believe what a big girl she already is–and what a perfect backdrop!

    And oh YES about the bridal DIY–I love that stuff too, and am so glad to have reentered the wedding world so I have a professional reason to visit all that eye candy! I’ll have to share my favorites with you.Lucky City Auntie to have you on her team! 🙂

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