snap tape

I don’t normally post super simple projects like bibs and burp cloths, but I do have a few things to say about this set, so here goes. First, why didn’t anyone ever tell me about snap tape? It is so much easier to use than those crappy snap fastener things. Second, Juliette’s bib pattern is excellent. Fits a baby perfectly. Too small for a toddler – not enough coverage-but works wonders on my four month old. Which is probably why she calls it an infant bib, not a toddler bib. Third, text fabric in patchwork is great. She does it all the time – with a great deal of style.

So, what other little tricks and secrets do folks have that make sewing easier? I’m curious to learn whether anyone else has had one of those moments recently where they have said to themselves “If only I had known about this months ago!” Please spill it. I think I’d learn a lot.


12 thoughts on “snap tape

  1. Lovely bibs, drooling over the dick and jane & apple fabric.

    Hmmm, mine are simple tips that make my particular brand of sewing (read: lazy) even easier. Glue stick for basting (super helpful for when I make diapers and use PUL). Washable crayola markers in light colors for marking instead of super expensive marking pens. Clear tape for marking the wrong side of the pattern piece AND for writing the pattern piece # on. Tissue paper as a cheap tear away stabilizer. Umm, freezer paper for stabilizing appliques (also tears away).

  2. It’s not that unusual but using painter’s tape to mark lines for quilting. Much cheaper than “quilting tape”

  3. I recently learned the proper way to sew bias tape around a blanket. I broke 5 needles and said many bad bad things to my machine…then a good friend of mine was over, and showed me how to do it.

    I REALLY should take a class. I have many questions, and I think I would learn a lot. I think I will wait until the kids are a bit older..

    Love the bib. Very cool!

  4. No tips here. And no big surprise at that! Just wanted to say I LOVE that text fabric! Too cool! Hope to see you guys soon. 🙂

  5. Snap tape?? Where is the link for the snap tape? I’ve only used the crappy snap fasteners……
    And I’m thinking snap tape might be good for my felt cuffs.

  6. Hey! Haven’t heard from you in awhile! Hope all is well, and the kids aren’t wearing you out TOO much!!! 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Molly, we need a link to the SNAP TAPE!! I have another belt project for which the snap tape might just work perfectly!

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