new favorite thing

I think I have a new favorite thing to make.

The Princess and the Pea is no stranger to the crafty blog circuit, but it was first drawn to my attention by a good friend who sent me this link one year ago. I’ve been thinking about it, on and off, ever since.

Inspiration was drawn from this book and these pages, in particular. The perfect little bed is from wonderful etsy seller Peter of Meadow Weeds Farm. (Meg at Sew Liberated posted about beds that she ordered from this seller, so I took note. I custom ordered a bed that is smaller than the one he typically sells. To give you an idea, the mattresses on the bed measure 8″ x 12″. ) The doll is Mimi Kirchner’s free pattern from the Purl Bee. I sized the pattern down to 75% without a problem. I love everything about this pattern, but I did think that the face was a little too grown-up for the one year old who received this gift. I also wanted something that looked a little sleepy. So, instead, I copied the face of this adorable Black Apple doll.

I think the reason why I love this project so much is that the stack of twelve little mattresses resembles a carefully folded pile of brand new fabric that has been fresh cut from the fabric store. Know what I mean?


14 thoughts on “new favorite thing

  1. Oh so cute, the little princess is beautiful and how lovely is the bed spread! I wish I had a bed like that, looks so cosy, except for the whole pea thing.

  2. Ah, tengo el libro, que precioso como tu versión, jeje, lo de tener niños es algo particular, por un lado te da pena que crezcan, lo hacen tan deprisa, pero por otro una está deseando ver como juegan, como disfrutan con los juguetes, con los libros. Esta muñequita y su cuna será ideal para los dos críos!

  3. That’s exactly what I thought before I read the post – a stack of delicious, yummy new fabric! This is so delightful. I’ve always loved that story. The doll is precious and I love the little pea!

  4. Wow! Came out super cute! Great work. can’t wait for the little one to get her hands on it and play.

  5. So so lovely! You did a wonderful job. Such great details with the scalloped edge coverlet and the little pillowcase. And the doll, oh the doll!

  6. What a great job you did. It’s another fab idea for the I should make this for one of CT’s friends list. Naturally CT will need one too….

  7. Ha! I saw this when I was stalking your archives yesterday! I love your doll so much. I found the Mimi Kirchner pattern when I was planning this project, but thought it would be too hard for a novice sewer like me. I’ve been contemplating a Princess & the Pea/Mermaid mash-up for some new little girls in my life. I think You’ve inspired me to try this doll. You’re awesome.

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