typing with one hand today.  cute baby on my lap.

pillow made entirely by 2.5 in. scraps.  my mom ironed scraps while i cut squares. my mom, if you haven’t gathered, is super nice like that. tutorial is genius. gave this to a very sweet friend who always rolls out the red carpet for us when we visit nyc.  it was well received.  phew.  handmade gifting can be stressful. {xoxo y un gran bezaso, b.  was so great, as always, to see you.}

tote bag made by me. my “pattern,” if you’d call it that.  logo tag is olivia’s.  i think the tag makes the bag look more professional.  and i get to carry around a tiny piece of olivia’s artwork which leads to conversations in which i can tell people how great she is.  schlepped this bag all around new york.  a great size because it fit my normal purse stuff plus my semi-bulky camera.  with room for treasures from shopping excursions.  {muji was my one real shopping treat this time.} print fabric is amy butler august fields.  a gift from city auntie.  linen is from joann’s.  a gift from adventure auntie.  felt so good to make something for me from fabric that was given to me.

boy do i love new york.  we are so lucky to be able to visit that incredible city.


7 thoughts on “nyc

  1. que preciosidad, la verdad es que a mi sí que me estresaría hacer patchwork con mis niños correteando alrededor; la nena cumplió cinco años y el niño siete y están imposibles de trastes jeje, pero adorables, tú aprovecha mientras que la niña es tan pequeña ; ) para hacer estas maravillas!
    Bueno, que bonito te ha quedado todo, una maravillosa combinación de telas y la etiqueta que bien queda. Te paso la dirección de tu compatriota por si alguien se anima y le apetece hacerlas :
    ahora está de vacaciones, pero fijate que cosas chulas ha vendido ( 1ootags/ 39$ )
    éste es mi pedido

  2. That pillow makes me swoon – love it so much! Love the texture of it too, it looks as though it was woven. Your bag is fab too, and I love the tag. I was thinking about tags the other day, and how they just add something special to a garment or bag. I don’t mean brand tags, but something thoughtful and beautiful.

  3. i LOVE both and am so excited to learn to sew!

    i’m going to nyc in october, by myself, to shop. muji is at the
    top of my list. wish i lived closer to it! wait, no I don’t – i would be so poor…

  4. That pillow tute is OUTSTANDING – my scrap collection is taking over my craft room…. Christmas presents here I come!!!!

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