keeping track

I started a journal recently.* The impetus was to keep track of some of the funny things that pour out of the mouth of my almost three year old.

Exhibit A:

Me: “Fireman Frank. Do you have that fire under control?”

Him (in his ‘Big Man’ voice): “Yes, Mom. I have a remote control.”**

I used to keep handwritten journals when I traveled a lot, but have really gotten out of the habit. With work and the kids, life is pretty hectic right now, so the idea of adding one.more.thing to the mix seemed daunting. I knew that if I was going to start to record little snippets of our life, I needed to choose a format that was doable. Enter the 5 Year Diary.***

Each page represents one day across five years, so once you have used the journal for one full year, you will be able to read what you did that same day the previous year as you write your new entry. That alone will motivate me to keep up with my little journaling project. Also, each entry only leaves space for six lines of text. It takes me a minute to figure out which occurrences are worthy of documentation, but the actual writing is accomplished in less than five minutes. The fact that you are forced to distill information is great. Only the most important bits make it in there. One very pleasant surprise has been that my writing has not been exclusively focused on the kids. Some entries record things about my husband, our friends, and random little ideas that I would like to have filed away. I think it is going to provide a great little snapshot of our lives at this particular point in time.

I feel compelled to mention that while I don’t typically like posting on topics that make people feel wanty to buy things, I really do like this journal. If you like the concept but don’t want to purchase it, you could always use a blank notebook and emulate the format.

*Yes, I am fully aware that I maintain a blog. And that a blog, technically, is a journal of sorts. But if I started to post things like– “He cut down all of the dead trees on our property. So happy!” — things may start to get kind of dull around here.

**Um. Watch TV much?

***This blog post has some nice photos of the inside of The 5 Year Journal. As a bonus, its author does some very cool embroidery.


6 thoughts on “keeping track

  1. i journal when traveling. every night i write about my day, so i remember every detail about the day. why don’t i want to document my non-travel days? mostly because my job is not journal-worthy. but i really like the 5 year journal idea! a few lines a day… that i can handle. i’m gonna do it! now, do i buy a journal, or make my own?

  2. i was definitely thinking isn’t this why she has a blog? I like this idea and need to journal more. May be a nice way to store quotes I come across and find inspiring and to fill my “love bank.”

    i’m dying to kiss the kiddos and hug my big sis! see you soon.

    can you believe we’ll have all the kiddos together in just a month(ish!!!)

  3. Well, those were definitely bunny trail links!! And despite your disclaimer I do find myself feeling all wanty! That journal idea is awesome – sort of the less is more idea that really translates well. I have to tell you that spending 10 minutes of your day doing this will result in a priceless memento of your life. Starting while your kids are still so young is something I wish I had done.
    Who knows maybe Mr. MSBBE will invent a fire controlling remote control – yes keep watching tv buddy, it’s how the best minds start working! =) And maybe if you included pictures of dead trees falling on houses or cars we might be interested in hearing about that too!

  4. I love the idea of a 5 year journal. Had me all agreeing following links and contemplating purchases (should act on it though). Love those conversations you are having with the young man. Sound very similar to ones happening around here too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks once again for nice things shared. Love “miniature rhino’s” embroidery work. Something about embroidery – process – texture is very appealing and one of the few crafty things I actually do these days.

    Hooray for groovy 5 yr journals – but very scary looking back sometimes.

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