pink and green

Little girls need little bits of pink and green, don’t you think?  This is a scalloped garland I made for a friend who is expecting in February.  I could make different versions of these all day long.  The tutorial is here, though I took shortcuts.  {I pinked, rather than turned under, the edges.}  I think that some of these fabrics will eventually make their way into a twin sized quilt for my baby girl.  They are in rehearsal here and I think they are ready for the big show.


11 thoughts on “pink and green

  1. Crap, I can’t wait for our computer to work so I can see the picture. The public library blocks flickr, you have to ask them to drop the filter, but I don’t want to impose (they can be a little grouchy sometimes) Will be back later to take a peak at this and the kid pics!

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