haunted gbread house

We still haven’t carved a pumpkin, but we did get around to creating a haunted mansion.  Bob Vila’s website has some fun templates.  I have never had any desire to construct a gingerbread house.  It just seems wrong to spend so much time baking when the end product is practically inedible.  {Which is why our house sits on a lawn of yellow cake, frosting and green coconut.}  One of my son’s favorite books is Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. Whenever we get to the page where the gingerbread baby goes into the gingerbread house, he always asks me if he can make one. So we did.  Halloween style.  Because I just don’t know that I will have it in me when December creeps up on us.

Hope everyone has a fantastic and fun halloween!  We will be out and about with Thomas the Tank Engine and a cute little monkey doing our best to collect gobs of candy and spook the neighbors.


5 thoughts on “treat

  1. I love that you tossed it up and did a gingerbread house for Halloween instead–it fits perfectly–it is the holiday of candy and sweets. : )
    Hope you had a great Halloween.

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