sweet and simple

A certain almost-three-year old will have his ‘kids’ birthday party tomorrow.  It will be simple. Balloons, good food, music, dancing and possibly a little crafting. Depends on how organized I am tonight. And depends on how long it takes me to make a lasagna entirely from scratch.

I made fabric garlands for party favors.  The version for the boys is above.  A friend had asked me to make a garland for a gift for a new baby boy and I came up with this fabric combination.  I liked it so much that I decided to make more for the party. The girls’ are here.

I was going to put the garlands in bags with a handful of mini-chocolate bars from a variety bag from the grocery store. When I realized how much money I was about to spend on those mini bars of sub-par chocolate, I removed them from my cart. Instead, I decided to give each kid one whole bar of good chocolate from our local candy shop.  It ended up being a better deal and the quality does not compare.  Plus, I like the simplicity of this small gift.

OK.  Off to conquer a lasagna.  Happy weekend!


12 thoughts on “sweet and simple

  1. hey – i just wanted to thank you for the free superhero pattern and tutorial download. i made 7 for my 3 year old’s superman party. 🙂 they turned out adorable. i posted about it on my blog and linked to your site. hope that’s o.k. 🙂

  2. The garland is so sweet.
    And I agree with the chocolate decision. I’d rather have one piece of good chocolate than dozens of “sub-par” chocolates.
    Hope the party went splendidly!

  3. I love the party favors!! So classy and sweet. I wish the almost 2 year old was going to get one of those but her daddy would eat all the chocolate and then cite some nutritional reason she shouldnt eat it as if he were doing her a favor. She is on to his tactics now and I makes me laugh hysterically when they discuss sweets!!

  4. Such a clever idea with the garlands! And Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. MSBBE!!
    Glad you went with the quality chocolate too – it’s never to soon to cultivate a persnickety palate!

  5. Muchly belatedly saying am luckiest girl in CT because I have my OWN awesome garland which is adorning our big boy’s room and much loved by all. And this is not a thank you note but a place holder for one. Thank you!

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