i sewed some stuff for christmas this year

But I wasn’t very good about documenting it.

This coffee cozy was made using a great little tutorial from House on Hill Road. The fit was a little tight on this cup, which is ceramic but looks like a paper one. I bet the pattern dimensions are perfect on a standard coffee cup. The cup and cozy were a Christmas gift for my sister in Park City. We picked her family in the Christmas gift lotto this year, so I made them a simple advent calendar using one of my all time favorite fabrics and included some gifts to open as they counted down the days to Christmas. I think this gift was day 11.

I love the patchwork combination, but that button kind of drives me nuts. I feel like something a bit more simple would have better suited my sister’s tastes, but I didn’t have access to my jar of buttons when I was finishing it off. I stole that button from a previous project. (Edited to note that my sister tells me that the button is her favorite part. )

I wish I had a good photo of the advent calendar. But I don’t. I wish I wasn’t too lazy to take a good photo of the Black Apple doll I made for my baby girl.* But I am. And I wish I wasn’t so last minute on gifts this year and had taken photos of the custom tissue box covers I made for my mom and my youngest sister. But I was. So I didn’t. (So there.)

Guess what else? 2009 was really great and I am very much looking forward to 2010. That’s about as reflective/forward-looking as I am capable of being right now. I have a “things I’d like to sew in the coming year” post flitting around in my head, but I know myself well enough to know that I won’t stick to it. So I’ll just save it for my sketch book. Or write the same post and title it “stuff i will probably never get around to making.” That might be fun.

I would like to say that I adore having this space to share this very small corner of my world. Creating would be a heck of a lot less fun and satisfying if I didn’t have my blog friends by my “virtual” side. Thank you for that!

*Part of the lack of motivation to take a good photo may be due to the fact that I managed to sew the legs on backwards. Um. Twice. As in: I sewed the legs on backwards, ripped the seam, flipped the legs around, and then somehow managed to sew them on backwards again. At which point, I decided that it was meant to be. The pattern is great, btw. Super sweet and super quick. The best kind of pattern there is.


9 thoughts on “i sewed some stuff for christmas this year

  1. Well, from afar the doll looks great! And love the cozy. I’ve been meaning to make one. Lazy is good some times. It means you’re busy doing other cool stuff. I am sure you’ll make lots of cool stuff to show us in 2010!

  2. I received one of the tissue box covers and love it. The material is the same as the shower curtain in my “Sailing” bathroom. One day maybe a photo will be sent to Apple Cyder However I’m not as clever with the camera as she is.

  3. hey molly! love your coffee cozy! very funky fabric! thanks for visiting! p.s. i buy canned grapes that have been peeled… don´t tell anyone…:)

  4. You crack me up and I love you for that! I also love you because you make mom and I authentic tissue box covers…I will gladly get you a photo of mine. Let me get creative with the camera this week and get it to you.

    I miss the kids…kisses to all!

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