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All images from the Oliver + S website.

A big part of me wanted my Christmas gift this year to be sewing lessons. However, the time I have to create is so limited that I didn’t want to spend any of it in the car. So instead, I signed up for some sewing lessons of the stay-at-home variety, in the form of a stack of beautifully designed Oliver + S children’s clothing patterns. I’ve already tried my hand at the lovely {and free} popover dress pattern and am moving on to view B of the Jump Rope Dress, because a certain almost-one-year old needs something to wear at her birthday party. And that same little girl will require a cute dress for an important wedding in June. Who knows? Maybe her brother will get a pair of sandbox pants out of the deal.

True to my sewing nerd tendencies, I have been spending my lunch breaks at work holed up in my office reading the patterns. Since I’ve only just begun to cut out the Jump Rope Dress, I can’t really provide a pattern review, but I can give you my early impressions. The instructions and accompanying diagrams are painstakingly clear. I actually understand the process of constructing a placket simply by reading the pattern instructions. Normally I need to have the fabric in front of me in order to “get it.” I am excited about the range of new skills I will learn by making some of these pieces.

Night knitter is my Oliver + S pattern sewing hero. She doesn’t get caught up in the crazy busy prints to which so many of us (myself included) are drawn. Her fabric selection is guided by a simple principle. She tends to dress her daughter in a way that she would want to be dressed. I plan to keep that in mind as I work my way through these patterns. I’ll let you know how it works out.

P. S. Good thing I don’t speak/read French. Otherwise, I’d probably want these adorable patterns too.


7 thoughts on “sewing lessons

  1. I have been thinking that I’ve got to start sewing clothes for my kids. My daughter, in particular, has very specific requirements for what she will and won’t wear, and it’s hard to find things. The Oliver + S patterns are cute. I also love the Citronille patterns. Maybe I can make one and then translate for you!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to see what you make from the O&S patterns. The Citronille site is wonderful. There are similar patterns in a number of Japanese pattern books. You just have to follow the illustrations.

  3. Love that O+S listing of patterns to learn sewing through! I think I may just have to work my way through it. I’ve had my eye on the popover dress for some time now. Even have some fabrics picked out and waiting.

  4. Oliver + S patterns make me want to have kids now–just so I can make clothes for them!

    Good luck sewing up the patterns. Can’t wait to see the finished projects!

    (And PS: Murakami is one of my all-time favorite authors!)

  5. Ooh! I have been looking at those patterns too lately and dreaming about making dresses for Moira. And to answer the question you posed in your next post – I think all baby girls must be sweet because my Moira certainly is. 🙂

  6. Ohhh I love Oliver + S patterns as well (though they are really $$$$ here in OZ). Simply love the popover dress and how well it goes together as well. Have made over a dozen (Miss CT is firmly on the birthday party scene at the moment as well as a few of her own). Good luck with learning to sew clothing. Can’t wait to see what you make yourself in the not too disntant future.

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