My precious baby girl. Are all little girls this sweet? I suppose I can’t know for sure. But I really don’t think it’s possible. She turned one recently. And we are feeling extremely lucky.

She says Dada and Mama and she knows how to bark like a teeny tiny puppy. I swear she kind of sang along to the “Happy Birthday” song we sang as we ate French toast with special birthday sprinkles on her big day. (Lots of ba-ba-ba’s, anyway.) She has taken her first couple of steps, but isn’t a definitive walker yet. She waves and blows kisses and climbs any obstacle she can find. She almost exclusively likes to play with her brother’s toys, and she loves wrestling with him and splashing in the tub. She scrunches her little nose when she laughs. Makes you want to lean in and give her an eskimo kiss every time. She’s kindhearted. And patient. And just too good to be true.

She is a daddy’s girl. One hundred percent. She smiles biggest for him. Hugs him the hardest. Crawls faster when she sees him. They are a pair, those two. It’s a {beautiful} sight to see.

Happy Birthday sweet pea! Heaps of love to you, from all of us.


10 thoughts on “one

  1. que post tan precioso, hasta mi poco inglés he entendido casi todo y tu amor inmenso de madre que me hace recordar al mío, mi pequeña también era la más mimosa y tierna, pero no es de papá, no, a veces, cuando mami le echa la bronca, cuando le afea su conducta, entonces sí “papáaaaaa!!!!” jeje, pero sino es de su madre, deja que cualquier día la tuya será de mamá verás! : )
    Feliz cumpleaños pequeñita y que lo disfruten mucho tus padres!

  2. Happy Birthday! She looks very serious in this picture!
    My little girl is a daddy’s girl too. 🙂

    Congrats to you guys for doing such a wonderful job!

  3. Wow this last year has flown and snailed at the same time. Wow your little girl isn’t soo little anymore. She is definately as cute has her brother is handsome.

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