bits and pieces

:: I’ve got lots of projects in the works. I’d list them but then there would be a record of my overly ambitious plans. I will tell you that most of the prints in that happy stack pictured above will make their way into a color wheel quilt for friends who have lost a beloved pet. Materials from the belongings of that sweet pup, plus another twenty or so prints, will complement the selection.

:: I am going with my aunt-in-law to my local quilt guild for the first time tomorrow and am looking forward to three consecutive hours of crafting time outside of my home. I need to decide which project to bring. My fall-back plan is to just grab a bag of scraps and cut out 2.5″ squares. And maybe some cross stitch. {Cross stitch is allowed at a quilting guild, right?}

:: I don’t normally make new years resolutions. And if I do, I don’t normally share them with others. It’s not because they are super personal or anything. I think it’s because I’m afraid I will be held accountable.  This year I am making an exception by writing in this space that the one thing I am really trying to improve on is keeping our home clutter-free and being better about having a regular cleaning routine. Earth shattering, right? The reason why I am mentioning it here is because this new little mission has actually helped me free up more time for my two favorite hobbies: sewing and sitting on the couch. I hope to share some of my new habits in another post.

:: I’ve been thinking a little bit about the different elements that make a blog attractive to me.  Currently, my favorite blog is Buttons Magee. I probably found this one because the author sewed something that caught my attention, but what keeps me reading is her beautiful photography, great writing, and relevant content. She offers snippets of her daily life, without offering too much personal information, and talks about topics that resonate with me. Organization. Simple meal ideas. Thrifting. Things she does with her young girls.  Conversations she has with her husband. My favorite posts relate to little things that she does to make life easier on herself. Really, just every day stuff.  Her photography is pretty incredible, and yet it seems to truly reflect her real life. You won’t find perfectly staged shots with bright colors against stark white walls. But the writing.  I think that is the most important aspect for me.  Words matter. The reason why I mention this is because I am wondering what draws people to certain blogs. What is it about your all-time favorite blog that keeps you coming back for more? {I’d really love to know your thoughts on this if you have a minute to spare.}

:: Speaking of good blogs, my little sister has a newish blog. What it lacks in craftiness, it makes up in thoughtful, well-articulated prose. Have a gander if you are so inclined.

:: My best friend relocated back home with her family recently. They used to live in Florida. Last night I called her to see if she needed anything at the store because I was going to pick up milk. She had run out of coffee filters. I picked them up and brought them to her. We chatted in her kitchen until it got to be a bit too late. I was tired the next day. But was also very happy. There is nothing like good friends.

:: And last but not least, I finished the Oliver + S Jump Rope dress and have never been more proud of something I have sewn.  Will be sure to take a photo and show it off as soon as I can!


7 thoughts on “bits and pieces

  1. I enjoy a mix of craftiness and thoughtfulness. I like to get to know someone through their daily experiences. An instant lure is always a good photo.

    Throughout each year I always set mini resolutions when things get out of hand. I’ve told myself that this year I want to lightly clean the house once a week. It would make a world of difference. I’d love to hear what’s keeping you on track and what tips you have.

  2. hello new person! thanks for your comment. I love to hear from new people! great idea for a gift. cross stitch might be something I could do. I suck at every other thing that involves a needle. nice to meet you- i’m enjoying looking through your projects on your blog. hugs!

  3. I’m a very visual person, so pleasing photos are something that draw me to and keep me visiting a blog. But overall thoughtful content is also a must.
    Good luck with the color wheel quilt! And I’m curious to see the dress.

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