Jump Rope Dress (View B)

This is my first go at an Oliver + S pattern.  All I really need to say is that if the pattern weren’t as fantastic as it is, I never would have been able to pull it off.  The placket and collar fabric is Denyse Schmidt County Fair for Freespirit and the body fabric is a super soft tweed that I found on a remnant table at my favorite local fabric shop. I think the pockets are my favorite detail. But the whole thing just makes me happy — and super proud.  The best part is that it fits my little girl perfectly. If you want to see more, there is a photo of the pocket detail here and the collar and placket here.

My mother-in-law made us that measuring board to track the heights of the kids. You can’t see all the wood-burned details marking each foot increment in this photo, but it is very well done and so fun to use.


23 thoughts on “Jump Rope Dress (View B)

  1. I said it on Flickr but I’ll say it here too – well done! You’re making me seriously contemplate making this for Eleanor for next fall’s preschool wardrobe.

  2. I’ve seen a few of these around, but I have to say I LOVE your fabric choice the most. So practical and beautiful. Great job on the sewing too…. doesn’t look homemade in the least.

  3. Don’t you just love oliver & s? I’ve been trying to refrain from buying the jumprope dress pattern, because I have too much to do as it is, but your version might just push me over the edge. I adore the tweed, and that little tiny bit of color peeking out of the placket – fabulous!

  4. You did such a nice job on the little dress – your mother must be so very proud ! I used to make my clothes growing up and did a few things when the kids were young but I don’t sit at the sewing machine much these days. Nice there are some in the next generation who are picking up the ball!

  5. That dress makes me swoon! Ahhh.. how lovely it must be to have little girls to sew for. Boy clothes just aren’t as much fun. Of course I haven’t actually MADE any boy clothes yet, but they don’t seem as fun. Good job on your lovely little dress with the super cute pockets and collar and totally rad fabrics.

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