escaping to winter

We skipped out on the torrential downpours that plagued most of the Northeast this weekend and traded up for a few wet-flurries and lots of slope-side fun. Our Little Guy clicked on a new pair of skis for the first time and after two short lessons was rocking the magic carpet slope. I think his favorite part was riding up the chairlift. That and the obligatory cups of hot cocoa, of course. Oh, and the jumps. He was all about the jumps, which were performed while skiing down a small slope between my legs and in the safe embrace of my arms. Little Miss was as thrilled as can be to have the complete attention of two doting Grandparents. And Mom and Dad were grateful for some ski time with siblings and friends in a happy world of winter white.


8 thoughts on “escaping to winter

  1. sounds so wonderful! i never got the hang of going down a hill fast (i fall over on little ones when i cross-country ski), but your weekend sounds perfect.

  2. That sounds fabulous! I’ve always wanted to try downhill skiing. And your little guy looks so cute in his ski gear.

  3. Brave soul, and kudos, for getting your kiddos on skis!! We’ve yet to try it, but this inspires me, for next year…. (Did I mention, how cute?!!)

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