meet beatrice and henry

Is Batty the best softie pattern in the world?  Well, yes.  I do think so.  Maritza really walks you through every step in a clear, precise manner.  And while mine are not quite as cute as hers, it always feels so good when the final product looks like it should. The machine sewing is minimal, so once you have finished with that part, it is a great little take-along project.

I could have spent hours taking photos of these little guys.  I think it’s the chubby little legs that really get me.  I couldn’t believe how well they stand on their own. Boy are they also adorable when sitting down with those feet bottoms showing. Gah! Just too cute. These two little guys are for my kiddos.  {There is no way I am letting them fly further away than our backyard.}

Please, go forth and make yourself a batty!  They are just too darn awesome. The pattern can be purchased here.


11 thoughts on “meet beatrice and henry

  1. I have to agree with you they are the cutest softies ever!! In addition to the stand up legs it’s their little faces, and the fabric choices you made that make them so sweet!

  2. I just had to say how cute Beatrice and Henry are!!! Sooooo cute! I wish I was little again so I could have one of my own 🙂 My grandmother is in a quilt quild and they make lots of little things like that. I am going to show her these!

  3. Super cute! When I have children they will be begging auntie to sew fun stuff for them! We all know I don’t sew 🙂 I’ll bedazzle, you sew…deal? Speaking of which I have a new bedazzle project coming up.

  4. Hi,
    These are very cute!
    I’m a fan of your site and a friend of your sister-in-law’s from NYC days. And I’m a want-to-be sewer! Wondered if you might have any recommendations for a first sewing machine?
    I think my options are a) restore my mother’s two-stitch 1968 metal one for $60-90; buy a basic Singer on sale for a) $119 or b) $129 at JoAnn’s.
    The $129 has a one-step buttonhole and automatic tension, but the salespeople don’t love it and the needle doesn’t move right of center. (They said this can matter?)
    The $119 machine has a three-step button hole and indicates a standard tension, but it’s not automatic.
    I’m not sure if there are other options or things to consider, though. Anyway, if you might have a moment to share any thoughts or perspective — I so admire your work! My main idea is to make some clothes for my toddler, but I also love the bags, purses and other projects you put together. Things like that are pie-in-the-sky sort of ideas for me right now!
    I’m very excited to get stitching and hope to maybe get something this week. I’m sure you guys are very busy with wedding stuff, but if you might have a moment…

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