my projects look WAY better when photographed by amazing photographers


Whoot! The clutches that I made for the wedding- in action.  And, the Oliver + S Birthday Party Dress on a cute pirate!

My sister-in-law and her husband recently got their wedding photos back from their photographers and, I have to say, the collection is amazing.  Tara and Ben of Hitched Studios truly captured the spirit of what was an incredibly beautiful day.  Tara, who has her own business photographing families and creating other types of portraits, gave me permission to share the above images.  My silly sewing projects {bridesmaid clutches and a dress for my daughter} look a million times better when photographed by crazy talented photographers, don’t you think? Click on over to the Hitched Studios blog if you would like to see more of my sister-in-law’s wedding, including {of course} a photo or twelve of a gorgeous bride!  Something tells me you will end up sticking around a bit as you become captivated by the pure beauty that Tara and Ben capture at every event they photograph.    And if you are looking to hire photographers for something, please get in touch with me so that I can rave even more about these two incredible professionals.


8 thoughts on “my projects look WAY better when photographed by amazing photographers

  1. Un enlace absolutamente maravilloso, me ha encantado la gente , la actitud , la luz , la alegría y lo guapos que se pusieron todos para la boda. Que buen fotógrafo. Las chicas damas de honor muy guapas, hasta la embarazada con su barriguita lucía preciosa, un vestido discreto, elegante y con un precioso color, y los clutch, ideales… Felicidades a la familia, besos

  2. WOW! Those are some great pics. Thanks for sharing! I agree with painted fish, you take some amazing photos yourself my friend! I went to the phtographers blog…i LOVE the picture of you and your favorite little man dancing…BREAK IT DOWN SISTA!

  3. Fabulous pics Molly!! What a great day for a wedding. Wish I could get a better view of the clutches?? That was an amazing thing for you to do for everyone.
    LUB the groovy dancin’ pics too!

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