scrap management + a plan

This is block 58 of my 60 Blocks of Summer challenge.  It is made up entirely of 2.5″ scraps. This, and another block made up of lighter value scraps, came about as a result of a recent effort to get my scraps under control.  After reviewing the mammoth pile, I decided that I would like to make two different quilts for our home.  One will be all dark value prints; the other will be lighter colors.  Both quilts will be made up of 2.5″ squares like the ones in the block pictured above.  I could see them ending up as a pair of throw-sized quilts for our living room.  But they could also end up bed sized – one for my husband and I and the other for our little girl.  These will be very long term projects because the goal is to use only scraps. I don’t normally like to have a million works-in-progress, but I am thinking of these two quilts as an efficient way to manage my scraps. {So, I am OK with it.}

As I was making these two simple blocks, I was thinking about two things.  The first is how I’ve come to realize that I really love sewing simple squares together.  There are a million beautiful shapes you can use to create gorgeous quilts, but I truly like to use a plain-old-square the best. My other thoughts centered on the many projects that I’ve sewn that have helped create these scraps.  If you would like to see notes on the original projects from which the scraps originated, click over to this photo and scroll over to read the notes. It’s a mini stroll down memory lane for me. If you’ve been following this blog long enough, it might prove to be the same for you.


6 thoughts on “scrap management + a plan

  1. I’m a huge fan of using every last bit of fabric. It’s like a game to see how many ways I can use it. The mini square quilts sound charming. Not only will they be useful, but it would also be a reminder of each project that the fabric was originally used for.

  2. I love this–how each piece has meaning and memory to you.
    I guess I tend to go backwards. I make a quilt and use the leftover scraps for other projects. Except for my most recent–I’m only one block into it and already there is so much memory in each scrap.

  3. Love! Great color combo. It’s a fantastic way to use up scraps and a way better way to store them then in a pile of misshapen pieces. I’ve always loved the history behind scrap quilts and I lean toward squares or stripes too.

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