final farewell to summer

Is anyone else having trouble coping with the passing of Summer?  I’m not sure why, but I seem to be struggling with it a bit. I guess Fall came up quickly and caught me by surprise this year. Part of it has to do with the fact that we took a long beach vacation at the tail-end of the Summer. It’s proving to be more difficult than normal to get back into the swing.  It’s a particularly odd feeling because I am very much a Fall-loving person.

My thinking is a bit muddled whenever I try to organize a list of projects I would like to accomplish in the next few months.  I know the one thing that out-ranks all others, plus quilting the colorwheel quilt {which is almost done} but beyond that, I am stumped. Bah. It doesn’t really matter anyways.  There is always something to work on, right?

I bought that lovely stack of fabric while on vacation in Cape Cod. The shop is called Tumbleweed Quilts and it is located in West Barnstable.  It’s very close by to Melissa’s shop and it houses an incredible variety of beautiful material. The top print is one that I have been wanting more of for a long time.  And the number print {Alexander Henry “Countdown”} is going to eventually make the best little twirly skirt for my girl. It was silly of me to bring this pile down to the beach for a photo, but I like how the picture came out, so I am glad I did.

I hope that everyone {in this hemisphere, anyway} had a beautiful summer and that you are embracing the change of seasons in a much more welcoming manner than I am able to at the moment!


5 thoughts on “final farewell to summer

  1. I am having similar feelings about the changing seasons. We went on a beach trip, too–the last week in August–and between recovering from my illness and feeling like we ought to be home planning for school, it just felt a bit odd. Summer always passes too quickly. But fall is such a nice time for projects, and the quilt you are making for your son is really coming along nicely!

  2. (Huff, Puff, Huff, Puff) Dang, can’t send you any of this southern hemisphere warmth… Not that I want to give you all my sunshine. Loving your sunny stash and wish that the marking pile I have fallen into for the last 6 months would allow me to play with all my pretties too.

  3. Molly, I’m so glad you stopped by, as I’d lost track of your lovely space. From those smashing rainbow legs to these quilts (and those blah blah blahs! who, where, from whence did those come?!), I am smitten. Hope fall is turning around, in your parts.

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