Meet my good buddy Anakin Skywalker and his irresistibly cute friend, Bumblebee.

As you may have guessed, I made Annakin’s cloak and bag.  The bag is constructed with vinyl and has an inner pocket so that a mini-Anakin action figure can poke out his upper body and enjoy the spooky Halloween sights.  {If you look really, really hard, you can see this hand and lightsaber poking out in the photo.} The cloak is made up of some mystery fabric I found for $2 a yard.  It has nice body and drapes beautifully, but it must be synthetic because it gives off a horrible odor when ironed. I won’t bore you with the full story regarding my experience sewing the cloak {Mc Call’s 3786}, but I will share  the three most important things I learned, in case you decide to make one for your kiddo someday.

::  You don’t really need to buy as much fabric as the pattern calls for if you eliminate some of the gathering on the front and back, just beneath the yoke.

::  It is possible to use the sleeves from the tunic, rather than the ones that are designed for the cloak {which require a ton more fabric}. The arm holes will be too large for the tunic sleeves, but if you alter the armhole to the correct size just before you sew on the sleeves, taking in the sides of the garment a bit while you make that adjustment, it all works out.

::  This was my first time sewing clothing from a pattern distributed from one of the bigger pattern-making companies and it was a perfectly enjoyable experience.  The only other patterns I have used have been from Oliver + S., a company that is known for their explicit instructions. I was a little nervous initially, but the directions made sense and it worked out fine.

The cloak fits my little guy perfectly and he has a blast wearing it.  I’m not normally one to spend a ton of time on costume sewing, but since he is knee-deep into the imaginative play stage, I think this piece will get tons of use around the house this winter. His little sister is going as a monkey in a hot-pink tutu. Boy is she going to look cute!

I enjoyed reading Jackie’s recent post that discusses how there was a time in her life when she believed that, by making Halloween costumes for her boys, she was earning this special gold-star mom status.  Until one day, of course, she yelled at her sweet kiddos and told them to leave her alone so that she could finish their costumes.  I always laugh a bit to myself when people tell me that I am such a good mom because I make clothing and toys for my kids.  Of course, part of the reason why I sew things for my kids is to make them happy.  But a big part of the reason I do it is to fulfill my own inherent need to make something.  In the end, sewing {no matter who the recipient of the end product} is very much something I do for myself.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! If you have time, I’d love to know what you/your children will be disguised as this year.


6 thoughts on “anakin

  1. June decided she wanted to be witch this year. I am not sure how she even knows what a witch is, but whatever, it was fine with me since I knew it would be an easy costume to make. I bought a cute Hanna Andersson black velvet dress on eBay. Then I cut off the bottom of the skirt to be all raggedy/jagged edges. Then I took some elastic measured to June’s waist and got some purple tulle. I gathered the tulle loosely to the elastic and stitched it down. I then stitched that to the inside waist of the dress so that it would peek out the bottom of the jaggedy-edges/make it puff out a little like a petticoat.

    Then I got a $2 witch hat at Target and loosely stitched down more of the purple tulle to the brim. She’ll pair the whole outfit with purple tights, black ballet flats, black nailpolish, and if I can find one in the next 24 hours, a small fireplace broom. Done! Is your girly dressing up?

  2. Awesome job on the cloak and bag! It’s great that he is at the age where he can get more use out of it during play. Especially since his Mama lovingly made it for him.
    And yes, a lot of what I make for other people–I make for me too, in a way.

  3. I think I already commented on flickr, but just another note to say it turned out great! I know he will enjoy role playing in all winter. Plus it can easily be converted to a wizard’s cloak and such.

  4. The time you invested in this will be well worth it. My kids wore their costumes year round and just for fun. Even past the point of them fitting well. Now that Halloween is over i hope you are catching up on your sleep! : )

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