the interwebs tell me to do something

…so I blindly go forth and do it. 

It’s pillow week at House on Hill Road, so naturally, I had to make this pillow.  A photo of the other side is here. I used this simple tutorial from Design Sponge to insert a zipper and was shocked by the simplicity of the process.  The fabric is by designer Thomas Paul for Duralee.  I found four yards of it on the remnant table at Franklin Mill and was thrilled because I can think of a million things to make with it. I’ve got two more pillows in beautiful Echino fabric lined up next.


8 thoughts on “the interwebs tell me to do something

  1. what great fabric! i love those big sea creatures. great pillow too. i used to be able to sew zippers, but suddenly they never work out. perhaps i’ll try this tutorial…

  2. This is great. I love it….ah, could you please stop introducing me to wonderful web sites like Design Sponge. Now I’m going to have to spend lots of time there and fight off the urge to buy a sewing machine. 🙂

  3. no,no,no,no,no. not going to do it… sorry, just a little self talk there so that i do not spend the next two weeks making pillows, no time, no time, no time….
    oh but i do love that fabric, makes a naturalist swoon!

  4. Thanks for the great links. I made two pillows last week for a friend. They had piping and and the zipper on the seam. It’s been awhile since I’ve made these and I couldn’t remember how I use to do it. Maybe with large piping I should have set the zipper over on the back to one side. Yours looks great. Can’t wait to see more pillows.

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