big boy quilt

Before I write about this one, thank you so much for saying hello on that last post.  I did pick a random winner and have sent an email to commenter #9 Christine M. I really appreciate all of your greetings and well-wishes.

This is a twin sized quilt I made for my son that was at least two years in the making. The finished squares are 2″ and it is 88″ x 64″ in size. Yes. That’s a whole lot of squares. More than 1400, in fact! The solid is Kona charcoal and the backing fabric is a print from Cosmo Cricket’s Early Bird line that I think will age well. The prints are a total mix — my son’s baby clothes, my husband’s overalls from when he was a baby, plus any blue and green scraps I could get my hands on.

This is my first hand-quilted quilt. My stitches are pretty big and definitely very imperfect but despite all that, I love how the hand quilting looks. It took a long time to finish the quilting but it really was nice not to have to wrangle a quilt this size through my sewing machine.  {Yep. I am still too cheap to send a quilt to a long-arm quilter and besides, so many of the “fancy” options don’t appeal to me anyway.}

I really do adore this quilt, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot about quilting since I started it and it could have been a bit better if I had known then what I know now. {Isn’t that always the case?} I love the wide variety of cute little prints that are scattered across it, but I don’t necessarily love how they “read’ from a distance. I built this quilt block by block and gave more thought to each little print, rather than to the design as a whole. But looking at it close up and on his bed gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. And my kiddo likes it too. He has requested a set of checkers so that we can play on it, which sounds like a pretty good plan to me.


18 thoughts on “big boy quilt

  1. This quilt is awesome! I love that you incorporated your son’s and your husband’s baby clothes in it. And kudos for hand quilting something that big 🙂

  2. I absolutely love it – I love how the blocks read from a distance and it looks like a different quilt to up close, I love the bigger hand quilting stitches, I love the simplicity, I love the little squares. I think it’s wonderful – and timeless too.

  3. It’s gorgeous! I can’t believe you had patience for 2″ squares. I once started to do the math for a similar quilt and was way too overwhelmed by the number of squares it would take.
    Gray paired with the blues/greens is so great too!
    Congratulations on completing it!

  4. I think it looks fantastic – even from a distance. 🙂 In that top pic, my eye sees all kinds of big diamonds overlapping/intersecting. kind of like a whole bunch of trip around the worlds that collide somewhere and mingle their boundaries.

  5. First of all, I am so relieved to hear this took you two years, because I was going to pass out if you pulled it off last weekend. And second of all, it’s just lovely–just right. High five.

  6. its awesome!!! Our schedule is crazy right now only 1 day off together every 6 weeks so I am working on letting you know our play date as soon as his associate gets back from maternity leave. I am not ignoring you I promise!!

  7. Kuddos–awesome job! I love that your big boy points out all the squares he loves to his auntie. Fun memories of all the times we talked while you lovingly sewed.

  8. molly,

    this is exquisite. i’ve been trying to gin up the courage to give quilting a go, and this tiny checkerboard pattern with hand-quilting is the most user-friendly design i have seen yet. not to mention smashing to set on eyes on (though i think that has much to do with your excellent eye for color).

    well done. and thank you for sharing.

  9. Gorgeous. My grandmother was a quilter and i watched her work several during the years when I was growing up. She always had a needle in hand — in the car, in the lazy-boy, on the ‘davenport’ — she was a hand quilter. And she would be duly impressed with your work!

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