colorful strip pieced quilt pattern

I’m over at the Fat Quarterly blog today with a downloadable tutorial that will guide you in making a lap-sized version of the mini-quilt that is pictured here. The pattern employs a strip piecing method that allows you to create a visually interesting design in a fairly short amount of time. Click over to Fat Quarterly to learn more or download the pattern directly right here.


7 thoughts on “colorful strip pieced quilt pattern

  1. I just read your guest post over at Fat Quarterly. Thank you for the tutorial, I too love working with squares. The little doll quilt for your daughter is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just read through the tutorial and it looks so easy! I’ll definitely give it a try. Choosing colors will be the hard part.

    Thanks for writing this up!

  3. What a fun and colorful quilt! Some day I’ll try my hand at quilting but not yet. I did give my mom a subscription to Fat Quarterly for her birthday last year, though I doubt she reads their blog. I’ll have to point it out to her.

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