and so it begins

I’ve got four quilts in my head right now and I am cutting from these stacks to make them {eventually} happen.  I’ve decided that since all four quilts require a sizeable variety of fabric, it makes sense to cut all the squares/triangles/strips in one whack.  It’s taking a lot of time, but I think it will work out in the end.

One of the four will be for my two year old daughter who pointed to the stack on the left just the other day and said “Make me a quilt, Mama.” She’s really only just starting to talk, so I was pretty thrilled that this was one of her first full sentences. She’s a smart girl, this one. And  kind of bossy, apparently.  I plan to make her a twin-sized 1000 Pyramids quilt using a lot of fun prints. I can’t decide whether to let it have that 100% scrappy and super busy look that I love, or use an alternating solid to “showcase” the prints, like this one.  I am partial to the super scrappy version because it seems the quilts I most love are that style. They seem more old-timey to me. Having said that, this is the one quilt that is forcing me to have second thoughts.  There is something about those alternating white triangles that add such sweetness.

Would anyone care to weigh in on this?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you think one way would be a lot better than the other. I’m still pretty undecided and I think a few opinions would help push me to decide.


9 thoughts on “and so it begins

  1. That is a tough decision! I don’t think you can go wrong either way but I think I personally am more partial to the all-scrappy variety. I love scrappy quilts and I think a totally scrappy 1000 Pyramids would look AMAZING, but it would also look nicely modern with the pops of white too! Sorry, I am useless!

  2. Hi Molly, under “one quilt” there is one called “scrappy patchwork hybrid 1” which would be my preference.
    Though it looks as if it would require a lot of cutting and patience to make and finish it.
    Good to hear that your little daughter starts talking in full sentences already at age 2 – what a smart kid.
    Do you remember Heidi Reisinger, Jeff Gedmin’s former German girl friend here in Berlin when he started at Aspen? She became mother of a sweet little son last August, named Rafael, because of his Italian father. In late summer they all will move to Rome. The Federal Chancellery got her an installment there with the Nato office for the next five years to come. Maybe we can go and visit her there once my Viking husband is on the better side of his health again.
    Warm wishes from thunderstorming Berlin.

  3. I think it depends how ‘scrappy’ your colour scheme is – if it’s a huge range, I’d go full on scrappy, but if it’s a bit more limited I would alternate with solid triangles to help define the pattern a bit more.

  4. If you go with the alternating solid I like the one with the dark triangles…but the one I love a bit more is Steps to the Alter….all your quilts come out so stunning whatever you choose will be one of a kind and beautiful I am sure.
    Grandmama 5_5/9th

  5. Wow, I am actually making a scrappy triangle quilt just like the 1000 pyramids interspersed here and there with a few solid pieces, but all kinds of different pieces out of my stash! Can’t wait to see yours. When I get to the machine quilting part I’m probably going to pepper you with questions…
    Also planning to start on your paper cut this week.

  6. Wow – there are some points to match in this one! I love it but am not sure I’d ever attempt it myself so I can’t wait to watch your progress. I think a combination of scrappy & solids – perhaps use loads of patterned fabrics interspersed with different solids – who says the solids have to all be one colour? I do think having the contrast of solids would help the patterns to pop but I can never (not ever) go past an all scrappy quilt…

  7. I love that my god daughter is a little bossy…i’m taking credit for that one 😉 I like crisp lines and sharp, prett colors. Your creations are always gorgeous with a splash of class so i’m sure whatever you decide will be great!

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