long distance quilting

A friend and I have decided to make a medallion quilt together and I am so excited about it.  We have chosen a stack of fabric that we will use and I made the starter block, which is pictured above.  I sent this off to her and now it is her turn to add a border around it.  Once she is finished, she will mail it back to me and I will add another border. And then, I will send the growing quilt top back to her.  And so on and so on.  There are no design restrictions-other than that we are using the same set of fabrics.  We will sew whatever types of blocks strike our fancy.  We don’t have a set final size in mind either. I suppose we will just continue with the project until it feels right to stop. We aren’t going to share our design ideas while we are working on our borders because we want to be surprised when we open the package after each iteration.  I’m hoping to document our progress here as we go.  This one is going to be so much fun!


8 thoughts on “long distance quilting

  1. So much fun…….and so many surprises…maybe it will just go on and on and become the largest quilt on record and then make it to the Smithsonian…..

  2. I’ve just found your beautiful blog after searching for a Superhero cape to make for my daughter. I’m not the World’s best sewer, but I’ll give your tutorial a go and let you know how I get on. I’ve just been and bought some fabulously bright silky Superhero material, which I hope my 3 year old will love.
    Jill :0)

  3. i love your starter square! i did this with a friend at work, the only difference is we both started a quilt and switched those back and forth (so we worked on our own and the other’s)…i think we also stipulated one fabric that had to be used in the next round, but other than that we were free to do whatever. it was a lot of fun and interesting to see what she did to my quilt and hers. we both have such different tastes and style…i haven’t backed the quilt yet, but it got pretty big… i can’t wait to see your quilt goes!

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