I try really hard to avoid making mistakes when I piece together quilts, but when it does happen, I Iike that there is a quaint name for my error. Do you see that star on the bottom right-hand side?  That’s my humility block.  The Volkswagon van is upside down–but I’m not sweating it!

I am loving this quilt!  It will be sent back to my friend tomorrow and she will sew on the next border.


5 thoughts on “starry

  1. I was always told growing up that when Native Americans did their beadwork they always did one bead out of place. They would do something like put a lone red bead in a field of white beads. They said this was because only the creator could make something perfect. This is what I always remind myself when one of these surprises pops up in a project.
    Your block is amazing!

  2. I’ve never heard of a humility block! I might need to phone that one in in the future. 😉
    It’s beautiful! Love the colors!
    Hope you made it through the storm alright!

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