I’m not sure what’s been been keeping me from sharing this little bit of news for so long, but here goes.  One of my projects, a simple advent calendar, has been published in a book called Countdown Calendars by Stash Books, an imprint of C&T Publishing.   Its a really sweet book full of great ideas for creating calendars that can help mark important milestones and celebrations.  My advent calendar is offered as a free project on the Stash Books blog.

When I first became aware of blogs, I remember wondering how different bloggers came about to getting published in various publications.  In my case, Susanne Woods, Acquisition Editor at C&T Publishing, spotted something I had made in a flickr group and asked me if I’d be interested in contributing a pattern.  That was it. It really is a pretty neat experience to see one of your projects presented professionally in book format alongside so many other talented artists.


16 thoughts on “published!

  1. That is seriously so exciting! Congratulations! I’ve been wanting to make an advent calendar for ages so clearly I will need to make yours! I’m very excited it’s offered as a free project!

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