for the love of scraps {and godmothers}

I’ve mentioned before that one of my mindless go-to sewing projects is to cut my scraps into 2.5″ and 4.5″ squares.  It’s a great way to manage my scrap bins and pre-cut squares can come in handy for all sorts of projects once inspiration strikes.  On the heels of our recent quilt collaboration, my sister in Park City, Utah  asked me if I’d like to work together on a simple quilt for someone special in our family.  The turn-around time had to be quick, so my larger pre-cut squares were just the thing to use. The quilt top was made by my Mom, another sister who lives in Hawaii, and me. My Mom and I quilted it and I attached the binding to the front of the quilt. My sister {the one who had the idea to make the quilt} flew into Boston from Park City for a week-long visit and finished hand-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt while she was here.

The moral of the story of this quilt is that it is a good thing to keep on top of your fabric scraps. It is also a wonderful thing, if you can manage it, to have a crafty family to help you sew that collection of favorite scraps together in record time.  Finally, it is a great thing to have someone tremendously special in your life to whom you are able to give that quilt.  That person is my godmother and I really cannot tell you how much she means to me, my mother {they have been best friends since grade school}, and all of my siblings. You know how people sometimes make quilts so that they can give someone a hug? That was our intention with this one–this quilt is one big scrappy hug.


5 thoughts on “for the love of scraps {and godmothers}

  1. Molly…this one made me cry!!! I love your blogs and your family!!!! You are ALL absolutely the BEST!! What a precious gift!

  2. I’m with Kathy…this one made me cry too. Super sweet. We are all pretty blessed to have your rad Godmother in our lives. Roadtrip to Florida anyone? 😉 “I think I just went deaf in my left ear!”

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