small and boxy

How’s everyone’s holiday “making” going? This cute little boxy pouch measures 4″x2″x2″.  The outer fabric is Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller and the lining is a matching wood-grain print.  This one was part of a gift for my sister’s birthday, but I am thinking these would be fun to make as gift card holders surrounded by chocolate candy, like Hershey’s kisses. The tutorial is here.  My inspiration for making this is here.

Enjoy these last few days of anticipation and preparation. I have a five year old boy who just keeps telling me that Christmas is too far away!  I’m trying to embrace his spirit.  It’s pretty contagious.  If I am not back here in this spot before the big day, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


3 thoughts on “small and boxy

  1. Love both of these gifts! Thanks so much for my very first quilt!! I love it and am enjoying snuggling on my couch with all the love I know went into it’s creation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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