postcards from long island, maine

The beaches could not be more beautiful; the people could not be more friendly; the lobster could not be more delicious {and fresh}; and the giant seaside cliff rocks and tide pools could not be more fun to explore.  Please don’t change a bit.  We’ll be back soon. XOXO.


10 thoughts on “postcards from long island, maine

  1. Hallo Molly,
    This really looks like a place for a wonderful vacation. We had actually planned to go up North to the beaches of the Baltic Sea this summer – but then Klaus went and started his very own long journey. An American friend and artist who also is a tenant with his German wife here in the house we live in, actually comes from Chincoteague Island, Virginia, a place which he praises highly and goes there several times each year to look after his estates. – Hope you and yours are doing fine. Warm wishes, Elke

  2. oh maine! how I love you! if you do go back to maine I HIGHLY recommend the family nature camp at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. Our most awesome vacation, and by staying on campus and insider guides you can avoid the more touristy trappings.

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