my precious

I don’t know that I can continue to call this quilt “My Precious Quilt” for much longer, because it just sounds so goofy to me, but I should explain.  At the beginning of the summer, Kelly of kelbysews started a brilliant quilt-a-long that encouraged crafters to make something with fabric that they have been hesitant to use.  She named it the “My Precious Quilt-A-Long” and it gave me the push I needed to make a quilt for myself that catalogs a collection of some of my most treasured prints.

This throw-sized quilt is machine pieced and hand-quilted in a simple crosshatch pattern. I started by cutting into my own collection of  fabric and then added squares I have received from friends. A good number of the squares came from the ongoing and stress-free swap I have with Jenny, which I explained in my last post.  More squares from Carmen, Mary, Yahaira, Chawne, and Sarah made their way into this quilt as well.  I followed Yahaira’s awesome tutorial to make bias binding for the rounded corners.  I also used very special fabric  I received from Sheetal {green buttons} and Chawne {anchors} to lengthen the binding so that it would go around the whole quilt.  I completely miscalculated when I originally made the bias binding.

This photo shows a bit of the back:

This quilt now lives in our living room, and despite the warm summer temperatures, it is already seeing heavy use.  As a whole, it really isn’t much too look at.  Other than alternating light and dark values, I didn’t give any thought to placement of the squares. But up close, it is a patchy work of art.  It truly is precious. My guess is that the silly name is going to stick.


11 thoughts on “my precious

  1. I love it !!! You are one talented lady. Finally moved into our new house and still tons of contruction but its going to be beautiful. Cant wait for you to visit!!

  2. Yay! Glad you made yourself a quilt. Hope you are loving sitting on the couch and re-discovering all the fabrics. I love my quilt and feel like everytime I sit with it I find a new fabric in there that I love!

    Can’t wait for you all to be over the bridge soon!

  3. I just love the binding! It is beautiful, and I think the hand-quilting really adds to the quilt. This is the best way to enjoy all of those super special squares!

  4. Just reading the title, I have to admit, I first thought of Gollum in Lord of The Rings. You blew that image out of my mind quickly though, as I scrolled down. It’s quite lovely. It’s a hodgepodgery that works. 🙂

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