raffle quilt

I didn’t think I’d have time to make a quilt to donate as a raffle prize for the fundraiser at my kindergartener’s school, but inspiration hit at the right time, and I managed to make this child-sized lap quilt.  Originally, the patchwork piece was destined to become an oven mitt, but I had already made two potholders and just didn’t have another one in me.  What I really wanted to do was make a quilt.  So I did.

I was inspired by Jenny and this absolutely amazing baby quilt that she made for a friend, though my version certainly does not have as much dimension.  I believe the solids are Kona pomegranate and Kona red. I bet my fellow stash-pacter Katie can confirm that.  She sent them to me in a recent swap. The patchwork piece was a result of my obsession with the Campbell’s Soup cans that were designed to celebrate the anniversary of Andy Warhol’s famous artwork.  Most of the binding was made from scraps of Children at Play that my sister had gifted to me.

This quilt was a blast to make.  There is nothing fussy about the process–just lots of improv sewing with fabric I adore.  There really is nothing better, craft-wise, for me.  Here’s hoping it raises a little bit of money for my kiddo’s school.


3 thoughts on “raffle quilt

  1. it’s so wonderful! i love all the pink just smooshed together. I never did check my Target for those soup cans….you just never know where inspiration with strike, right? its wonderful and i hope it earns a few $$$ for the school!

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