a quilt for my girl

This is an over-sized twin quilt I made for my daughter.  I first started conceptualizing this quilt in June, 2011. I posted a photo of some of the fabrics I used here. I’m so glad I took Chawne’s advice and used an alternating solid–Kona eggplant.  She had mentioned that if I only used prints, I’d likely lose lots of the triangle points in the design. I thought I’d use charcoal gray as my solid, but I took into account that my pint-sized recipient would prefer something more colorful than gray. I threw in a handful of random pink and green solids as well. I was nervous about that addition, but now it is one of my favorite aspects of the quilt.

The piecing went slowly because bias edges are a little bit fiddly.  I used a specialty ruler and am convinced that the cut-out corners on the top of the triangle helped a great deal with accuracy.

I sent it off to be long-arm quilted by Emily Sessions of Emerson Quilting.  I saw Emily’s work here first and I wanted that exact same quilting design.  Emily was so patient with me as I peppered her with questions and her turn-around time was quick.  Her pricing is more than reasonable and the work she does is simply gorgeous.  I was thrilled with the results.  The backing fabric is a fun Heather Ross print that I had been saving for this project.  My quilt backings tend to be pieced together, so it feels luxurious to have something so uniform and, well, adorable. I used mostly hot pink prints for the binding because I wanted it to coordinate with the backing fabric and I knew it would match the quilt top well enough. If I had been considering the front side of the quilt exclusively, I probably would have gone with more of the solid eggplant.

My daughter is one of the best appreciators of my handmade items, and this one is no exception.  She points to different triangles and tells me which ones she likes best.  And then she always ends with, “but I like all of the fabrics, Mom.”  {Me too, sweetie. Me too.} It’s is so nice to see it on her bed, side-by-side with the one I made for her older brother two years ago.


14 thoughts on “a quilt for my girl

  1. Im so glad she likes it so much! that is so wonderful of her to appreciate different fabrics.
    so you used a specialty ruler? i bet you are right, your points are perfect…i shy away from triangles at all cost for that reason
    its just beautiful

  2. It’s phenomenal! The triangles, the prints, the eggplant, the POP. I love it all. And the scrappy binding. Yes. This is awesome. I’ve been obsessed with triangles lately. I’ve started cutting for a larger triangle quilt (maybe next year?) as I work through some scraps.

  3. how big are your triangles molly? even though im pretty sure i dont like sewing triangles, im thinking of doing something similar. just because. i printed out a 5.5 inch template…wondering if i should run up to hardware and have them put it in plastic for me….but with my aversion to triangles, then i think i should use bigger…maybe 8.5?

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