fields and furrows

My god-daughter, who will receive this as a gift at Christmas, helped me chose the prints that were used in this quilt.  She sorted through a bunch of 2.5″ strips of fabric I had cut for another project and was very cute and also very opinionated as she worked through the pile.  {Apparently, she a big Laurie Wisbrun fan, too.}  Both my god-daughter and her mom are purple people.  You know what I mean, right?  Some folks just FEEL VERY STRONGLY about their love for that color.  I do not fall in that camp, but then, this quilt was not made for me!

I love making traditional log cabin blocks and ever since I saw this quilt-in-progess, I wanted to try to make one in the “fields and furrows” design.  I think my one minor error was to use the solid, lighter value pinkish squares that are grouped with all the purple solids.  I don’t think they ruin the quilt by any means, but if I were to make it again, I’d probably switch them out for more purple fabric.  {You may be tempted to be kind and tell me that the pink squares “add interest,” but I’m not going to buy it. Though Carolyn’s take on it –in the comments–is interesting.}  Really, the prints are what makes this quilt shine.  There are so many fun and bright novelty designs in the mix. I really love it–as evidenced by this photo-heavy post.

I quilted a four inch grid following the lines of the logs.  The backing is pieced with Kona solids, but I have no idea which ones.  I used the remaining scraps of solid purple fabric to bind it all up, and I think the thicker binding makes a nice frame.  I’m excited to wrap it up and give this throw-sized quilt to the sweetest little four year old around!

In other news, I started piecing my next quilt last night.  I’m using lots of linen and blue gingham, with a splash of text prints.  I really should be thinking about some of the smaller items I’d like to make to give as Christmas gifts, but I am so addicted to quilting right now.  I think I’ll just ride the wave.


5 thoughts on “fields and furrows

  1. actually I am not thinking “oh they add interest”. but what I am thinking is that the pinks are a nice transition in the middle of the block. they coordinate, but don’t MATCH match, the purples, and theirs colors are echoed here and there occasionally in the prints. So I think they help define the fields & furrows by being slightly NOt a part of them but not a part of the prints either. Transition = it’s where it’s at. 🙂 when I look at the far away pictures, I see them as more a part of the print half of the block than the purple half. Or my eye gets fooled that way.

  2. I love it. Love! Sorry to be so late commenting. I’ve actually had your blog open in my browser for a week. I’ve been so behind, and finally took the time to do so tonight. I’m also not a fierce purple lover, but my mom is. I love the value interest you created, and I bet your god-daughter will cherish this quilt!

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