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On a recent ski trip at Cannon Mountain, my husband {pictured}, my sister-in-law and I were riding up the chairlift when I proclaimed that I couldn’t think of anything more fun than skiing or snowboarding. {I do both, but I am a better skier than rider.} I ruminated that surfing is probably just as fun, if not more fun, but I’ve never tried.  My sister-in-law asked me:  “What about sewing?” and I answered pretty emphatically:  “NO WAY!”  I’d rather hit the slopes than jam on my Janome any day.  Ha! That sounds so ridiculous.

The conversation got me to thinking about the interests of my fellow makers, outside of their craft. Here is my question for you:  Is there an activity that you like more than sewing/knitting/making?

Side note:  THANK YOU for all the great feedback on my last post about organizing a quilting workshop at my local library.  It has given me tons of food for thought and will help me to put together a great event. I will be sure to let you know how it all plays out.


15 thoughts on “a question for you

  1. I love this post. As sewing is my full time (self created) job, people often assume that I live to sew, but as time has gone on I find myself more and more drawn into other hobbies and crafts for fun time. Lately I’d rather be behind a lense shooting photos or working on my computer doing graphics and ive always been a baker at heart. I still enjoy sewing but I think I will always be the type of person who needs other areas of interest because I just love to learn new things.

  2. I don’t know if there is anything that truly competes with knitting, but I frequently squeeze in reading instead of knitting and always wish that I had more time to read.

  3. I love to take my road bike out for a 30 to 50 mile ride in the country! I also love gardening (flowers), photography, and reading.

  4. i don’t know if i’d call knitting, crocheting, spinning as fun in the same way that skiing might be (i think skiing is fun too but i’m horrible at it. and it’s partly fun because it is also scary to me). the thing i like better than crafting is maybe crafting with my fun crafty friends. you know with drinking. or shopping thrown in. or not. really? anything with good fun friends is more fun than just crafting.

  5. yes! i love wandering the streets of new cities, kissing boys, eating sushi, drinking wine at dusk on a gorgeous summer day, and chewing on the chubby cheeks of my niece more than i love making stuff. but i still love making stuff! i don’t think i could ever pick one thing that i love doing over everything else i could possibly do.

  6. reading….hiking…. being outside with my kids. actually sewing has taken a BIG back seat here for a while….. i wish i liked skiing… and maybe i would like x-country. my husband and kids LOVE to surf. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i love watching them!

  7. love it! That’s totally something I would say. Except my thing of choice might be swimming. I pretty much gave up swimming after 12 years when my oldest was born, that was almost 7 years ago!! I’ve been really inspired to start again, this summer I’ll make it my goal to get back in the pool a couple times a week. I love that monotonous lap swimming and I’ve finally missed it enough to want to get back in the pool.

  8. Loved reading that tidbit about you. I just went skiing for the first time this winter and definitely want to try it again! I don’t know if there’s any activity I like MORE than quilting, but definitely a few that I would like just as much. I love singing, grew up singing accapella and we get together with friends and go through our favorite song books and sing. Also like gardening and spending summer evenings being active with my family, playing tennis, bike rides, etc.

  9. I don’t know if anything brings me more happiness than making (in some fashion). I love cookiing, but that falls in the making category, too. I was never very focused on any sport, but I am trying to find the same sort of happiness in exercise these days (a very recent focus, so it can’t possibly count yet).

    I never learned to ski, but I think that’s awesome!
    Also, apologies for not being around here much lately. I’m going to try to be better about that!

  10. I get such a rush out of coming up with and figuring out how to execute a new quilt design…. that ranks up really high for me, but right up there with that is getting out on a hike trail. We have so many really close to my home and I find it hard being indoors so much while quiltilng(the one drawback) so that is my way to reinvigorate…. so I can happily go back to more quilting-Ha! I also live for a good yoga class a few times a week– super essential to my mental health!! Also love x-country skiing, my downhill days seem to be behind me for a now at least! Great post!

  11. I am a boarder as well. I used to love quilting. Lately I find myself wondering if it will always be my hobby. I still love it but in some ways it sucks the life out of me in ways it didn’t used to before. Maybe I am in a funk. Or maybe it’s summer. Or maybe I just need to finish something. This is a very thought-provoking post.

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