snake trail beginnings

I’ve begun a new, long-term quilt project. I am using the snake trail pattern from Denyse Schmidt’s newest book–but I won’t use the layout of the quilt that is pictured in the book. {I like the version that is more curvy and winds around.} It will be a full sized quilt for our guest room. My motivation was to have an always-available hand-stitching project at the ready, but I’m reserving the right to use my machine to stitch as well. I’m going to use all of my favorite bits of fabric — it’s going to be fussy-cut heaven. My initial fabric pull could only have been influenced by Jolene {Blue Elephant Stitches} and her amazing single girl quilt. I’m going to try to blog my way through the process of making this one and share my thoughts as I work.

In other news, I’ve finally joined up on twitter and instagram. I am always hesitant to add another social networking venue to my repertoire {which is why I am several years late to the game on this!}, but I’ve finally made the plunge. Honestly, I haven’t posted anything particularly interesting at either spot, aside from my ridiculous obsession over Friday Night Lights {again, several years late to the game}.  I’m feeling kind of shy about it all. I’m @applecydermill at both places.


8 thoughts on “snake trail beginnings

  1. Love! This one will be awesome, but they all are. Fussy cuts ftw!
    And I’m glad you’re over on IG. It’s a fun little place, but flickr is still in my heart.

  2. I’m so excited to watch your progress on the Snake Trail quilt. It is my favorite project from that book. I want to make one someday, but I have to tackle my WIP’s first. I need to get busy!

    I’m always tempted to join Twitter and Instagram, but I’m too chicken! I can’t imagine anyone will want to listen to anything I say! You are awfully brave!

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