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I have a friend who made a very difficult decision to brave a very risky surgery, and very much triumphed in the end.  At the beginning of her medical journey, I knew I wanted to make her something that would brighten up her hospital room.  Since I “didn’t have time” to make a whole quilt, I decided on a pillow.  I took a couple of arcs that were originally intended for my snake trail quilt, and appliqued them to an out-of-print Echino fabric that I adore. Once I sent her the pillow, I realized that I needed to make her a quilt. I asked her about her favorite color and got to work cutting up all of my most favorite orange prints.  Somehow I found the time to put it all together.  Funny how that works.


7 thoughts on “orange

  1. Sglad you found to time to sew for your friend and how wonderfully amazing that she is progressing so well. You know I love the COLOR and love wrapped up in your projects

  2. Molly you are definitively a great person with a wonderful personality.
    Warm wishes from cool Berlin, Elke

  3. Just got back from a fabulous 2 week tour of China. My life continues to expand and I feel so blessed. Not sewing yet, although completed a number of those sit upons for the nursery school. Home til Feb when we go to Florida. Maybe I’ll get going on something soon. Thanks for keeping me in your loop.
    Debbie Barac

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