an apron for roxy and some melon for my kid

Another apron.  This one was a birthday gift for my running friend Roxy.  We met a few years ago through work, though she jumped shipped a while ago.  She now works for a college that is a lot closer to her home, though I really think she should ditch the day job and start work as a stand-up comedian.   She is a funny girl.  We still stay in touch and since we first met, she has run a gazillion road races.  (We have a plan to transform all of those road race tshirts of hers into a quilt at some point this fall.)   The main fabric used to make the apron is more Freshcut by Heather Bailey.  This time I used a little grosgrain ribbon as trim.  I’m not sure about the name of the fabric I used for the little pocket.  This was a fun little number to make.  Happy Birthday Roxy!

What’s up with the unrelated photo below?  Nothing really.  My kid likes watermelon, gets very messy while he chomps on it, and takes a mean photo.  He’s super happy because he gets to meet his little cousin Alpine Baby in two short days!


10 thoughts on “an apron for roxy and some melon for my kid

  1. Hi Molly,

    Klaus, the Viking,bought some wash-away stabilizer for Viking embroidery (you can print Viking patterns from the internet with your color printer on it, find someone willing to do the needle work and then the stabilizer can be washed out of the fabric). On the catalogues which were sent along with the stabilizer I found 2 addresses which might be interesting for you (in case you do not know them yet). Here they are:

    Both in English. Have fun.

    Warm wishes, Elke

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I made your clever little cape pattern this weekend. The pattern went together really easy. I posted pictures on my blog, but my nephew didn’t really want his picture taken.

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