i didn’t forget how to sew

It just took me a while to get back into it.

I made this apron for a good friend who we see whenever we are in New York. We don’t meet up very often, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off. It is one of those great relationships. She’s the best. Muchos besitos amiga mia! The fabric is Freshcut by Heather Bailey. I still can’t get enough of this fabric line. So much so that I think my fondness of it is not allowing me to give Heather Bailey’s latest collections a fair shake.

I gave this little doll quilt to my BBF’s two year old to celebrate her entrance into “big sisterhood.” The fabric is Urban Chik’s Swell. One thing I learned while making this quilt is that, even though it is mini, you still have to go through all the steps, so its not necessarily a quick project–for me anyway. Having said that, I loved how it came out and know that its new owner will put it to good use, so of course, it was well worth the time spent.

The lamb snoozing underneath the quilt is a puppet that I bought when I lived in Budapest. The woman who made these puppets was an incredible craftsman. I wish I could remember the name of her shop so that I could post a link.


7 thoughts on “i didn’t forget how to sew

  1. el delantal tiene una tela maravillosa y la minimantita es preciosa, ¿viviste en Budapest? carambas, tiene que ser una ciudad preciosas, además de que tengo idea de que tienen una artesanía ( por lo menos por sus bordados) muy vistosa. Bs

  2. I love the apron! So funny… with all of the baking and cooking I’ve been doing in my new country kitchen, I was thinking I ought to get myself an apron. I love the colors in the fabric you chose. As always, beautiful work!

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