Just popping in to say a quick hello. I promised my sisters a belly shot, so here it is. This marks the first time I have put a photo of myself up on this little space. I must be getting brave. Funny I chose to do it 1) as I am slowly becoming a blimp and 2) just after I got a haircut that I am not too sure about. So be it. I hopped in front of the imac and took a quick one with photobooth. Felt pretty silly doing it, but here it is. My boys caught me in the act so they came by and joined me for some belly shots too. Funny guys they are.

I have been making things–little gifts for great people–but have been slow to take photos and write about them. I will get around to it soon though. We have also been on a few great trips visiting friends in upstate New York and NYC as well as a beach weekend in Rhode Island with Papa and his gal. I’ve been pretty good about enjoying myself and equally bad about taking photos. But I do have a few to share.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer–and do keep in mind that it doesn’t officially end until September 21!


19 thoughts on “yo

  1. Hello belle! pero que preciosa estás, vaya barriguita tan linda, por cierto, me cuesta leer a veces todo el post en inglés, por eso no sé si me pierdo cosas, aún no sabes el sexo, verdad? si quieres te hago unos patucos tipo conejito, no me lleva mucho y es un minidetalle. Escríbeme y dame tu dirección si quieres, un beso grande, ya puedes estar bien contenta con la foto, el peinado está también genial!

  2. So much congrats to you again! How exciting. I’ve been a bit slow with posting things lately too. Must be the late summer weather (yes, we are finally seeing some sunlight!) that is keeping us from the computer.

  3. You look absolutely adorable! I think there may be a little girl in that cute little bump! I can’t wait to see you in two weeks. Your bump and your hair both suite you perfectly!

  4. looking great! hope you’re feeling great too. be careful with those baby bump pics…my brothers have a couple that they keep try to blackmail me with!

  5. Hi Molly,

    Congrats – you look great – everything looks fine, the hair, the bump and the expression on your face. We have been travelling lately that is why I am a little late in sending you are our best wishes from sort of sunny Berlin. Next week I will meet with Alanna, Katrin, and Monika Kreutz. I assume that they, too, get your news. I will send you some pics from the Danish Viking camp separately.

    Warm wishes, Elke

  6. What is not to be sure about this great photo?? See where the little man gets the blonde locks from and I like your haircut. Thanks for the delurk and summer is not going end on September 21 where I am.:D

  7. O Hai!

    Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy the sundress pattern! I promise it’s easy, and I also promise it’s mildly addicting (along with the kimono….) Lol.

  8. I love this pic! You are just too cute and I can’t wait to meet my newest niece or nephew…YAY!!! I know Fred will be instantly in love with his new sibling after seeing him with his alpine cousin. The kissing photos make me smile all day!

    Love you,

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