slap bracelet napkin ring tutorial

This is a very quick and easy project. A patchwork version would be great for busting scraps, so I am going to enter this into Sew Mama Sew’s scrap busting contest. If you don’t want to buy inkjet ready fabric sheets, you can stamp the names onto a piece of twill tape instead. And if you don’t want to use actual names because you never know who the heck is coming to dinner, use nicknames instead. The Mr., The Mrs., Wino, Hippie, Rasta, Fashionista, Punk, Artist, Biker, Raconteur, Rock Star, Chatterbox, Wanderer, Chef, Shopaholic, and Frequent Flyer are some that I’ve used before. If you don’t even want to give it that much thought, choose a theme. Do you love The Sound of Music? Then use: Maria, Captain Von Trapp, The Baroness, Rolf, Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa…just don’t forget my favorite, little Gretyl. Throwing a Mad Men party? Then Don, Betty, Pete and Peggy, it is! Just be careful not to offend whoever picks the “Midge” napkin ring. {Joking.} Are you a Brady Bunch fan?

OK. Enough said. You get the idea.

Click here to download the two page pdf tutorial. Click here and here to see them in action. And do let me know if you give it a try. I’d love to see what you come up with (my flickr group is here) and would be glad to be alerted to any errors.

*Note: I bought my slap bracelets here.


18 thoughts on “slap bracelet napkin ring tutorial

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  2. ABsolutely love this idea. We always use cloth napkins and I’ve been pretty darned cheap about buying napkin rings…these will definitely help me out.

  3. i cannot wait to learn to sew and amass fabric scraps! and then i’ll need to start having dinner parties! and then I’ll make napkin rings!

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  5. I like your tutorial so much I butchered it. I was looking at snap stablizer organizers from Nancy’s Notions. So I made my own with your tutorial. Check it out at

    Carol from Bemidji MN

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