first snow

Just a bit more than a dusting to start St. Nicholas Day* off right.  He told me that he would need hot cocoa even before he put his coat on to go outside.  He ate lots and lots of snow.  A bit of sledding, a mini snowball fight with Dad, and a spin around the driveway in the front seat of the truck to try out the new plow. Don’t be fooled by the pretty holiday decor shots.  The photography is mine, but the festive touches belong to our neighbors.

*Do you celebrate?  The kids found a small gift in each shoe this morning.  No chocolate because we have that covered with the advent calendar.  I love carrying out this little tradition with my kiddos.  It is such a fun little bonus day.


5 thoughts on “first snow

  1. St Nicholas was always a tradition in my family. I still remember my son at two looking up towards the ceiling after finding his shoes filled with goodies and exclaiming” “merci, merci sani-chocolat!” Very appropriate name for the guy who brings the chocolates – don’t you think? Have a wonderful holiday season with your family Molly.

  2. Hello Molly! I don’t ever remember celebrating St. Nicholas day, but when we lived in Germany I remember finding a gift tucked into a wooden shoe. Maybe that’s what we were celebrating.
    Congrats on the craft fair!! It sounds like your experience was really positive. I give you kudos for bravely putting yourself out there! And I love the gray/contrast quilt you are making for Mr. MSBBE.

  3. Yes, I’m behind in my reader so just catching up. We didn’t celebrate St Nicholas Day. In fact I’d heard of it but didn’t even know what day it was on until Seth came running out of his bedroom one morning checking in all of his shoes. Apparently they talked about it at school and one of his friends celebrates but he didn’t even mention it the night before so I was caught completely off guard. He was disappointed to say the least.

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