christmas 09

Christmas was really nice this year.  We did a little bit less running around and a lot more lounging* around.  We were treated to a beautiful pre-Christmas snowstorm and a very special surprise wedding on the 26th. (More on that later.) I’ve had the whole week following the holiday off from work to spend with my little gang, playing with them and their new toys. I’ve also gone out to breakfast alone with my best friend.  (Thanks Mom.)  And out to dinner with my husband and some friends for New Year’s Eve. I’ve even had a chance to sit down at the sewing machine for a couple of small spells.  All in all, a really great holiday week.  Hope yours was nice too.

*I feel like the use of this verb requires some explanation.  Aside from nap time, we are never really left to actually lounge.  Our kids are in that constant motion stage. When I say that I really mean:  we stayed in our pj’s and didn’t leave the house. Which is a pretty awesome thing in my book.


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