getting excited

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I do have to say that I really love these last few days before Christmas.  As long as I’m not overextending myself and staying up too late at night, I truly enjoy all the little things that go into making Christmas.  When I use the word “making” I don’t necessarily mean sewing and crafting and all of that.  I am talking about the little things that people do year after year to make the holiday season special for themselves and their loved ones. For us, it’s the standard stuff. Checking the advent calendar every morning, admiring the tree and the nativity scene, baking cookies for our neighbors, watching Christmas movies just before bedtime, cruising around town admiring the Christmas lights, making gingerbread houses and visiting with family and friends. It really is a magical time.

This year, for some reason, I am feeling suspiciously prepared.  Christmas cards have been sent, there is no more shopping to do, the kids gifts are all wrapped, and the fairly ambitious list of things that I had hoped to make as gifts has been accomplished.  It feels odd in a way, but there is a reason for this unfamiliar calm. This is the first year that both my siblings and my husband’s siblings picked names from a hat to determine gift giving.  As such, I was responsible for either making or purchasing only two gifts.  {If we gave gifts to each person, the total would be at least twelve.} I put the finishing touches on the gift I made for my brother and his wife last night. The present I made for my sister-in-law was shipped off to New Mexico more than a week ago.  It was such a luxury to have my shopping::making list chopped so dramatically.  It provided me the time and space to really think about the recipients and their individual tastes and styles.  Also, I was able to spend my pre-holiday free-time in my home sewing rather than shopping, which is what I much prefer to be doing at this time of year. I will leave it at that.  If I allow myself to go on about this topic, I will end up revealing too much about the gifts and ruin the surprise. I did want to mention it because if you are looking for a way to simplify your gift giving {and receiving!} it really does the trick.

I’ve been a fairly productive crafter in 2010. At the same time, I realize I’ve been a relatively inconsistent blogger.  {No apologies here! I am confident there is a correlation there, so I am actually very glad that I’ve been sewing more and documenting less.} But I did want to pop back in here to say hello and to wish those who celebrate a peaceful and merry Christmas.   My very best wishes to you all as we celebrate the coming of the new year!


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