favorite zipper pouch tutorials

I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to make nice, neat, professional-looking lined zippered pouches. I’ve tried a bunch of free tutorials, used directions that I’ve found in sewing books, and even purchased a pdf-pattern from an etsy shop.  After all this “research,” I have found two tutorials that have really helped me to make the perfect pouch and I thought I’d share. This one, at Splityarn, is the best one I’ve found for a standard zip pouch.  Kelby Sews has an excellent tutorial if you would like to make little tabs that cover up the ends of the zipper. In the past, my biggest issue with making these has been lots of bunching at the ends of the zippers. Both these tutorials helped me solve that problem.

**Edited to add that I absolutely love Anna’s open wide zippered pouch tutorial on the Noodlehead blog.  This is a different application, with part of the zipper hanging outside of the bag, and it is awesome!


11 thoughts on “favorite zipper pouch tutorials

  1. I love your little piles of pretty things. It’s what sold me on the Prairie Gothic! I’ll give these a try sometime soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to make something like this for friends this year for birthday gifts and these are the perfect thing!

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