fashionistas, raconteurs, and rockstars

This was a shower gift for a very special bride-to-be.  She was my neighbor growing up and the BFF of my sister, Alpine Auntie.  The little girl with the most perfect bowl-cut and adorable dresses from suburban Massachusetts grew up to be quite the sophisticated New Yorker who found the perfect guy.  The first time that this bride-to-be brought her man to our hometown to attend a farewell party for Architect Uncle and Teacher Auntie, Redhead Auntie and I treated him (and a crowd of say, 50 people) to a skit/reenactment of his future wife’s high school prom experience.  Any excuse to make a girl blush…and to embarrass yourself in front of a large group of people.  Our skit concluded with a dance routine set to a Rihanna tune.  Yes.  I know.  Very classy.

I enlisted a very helpful committee of bridesmaids to help me come up with nicknames to make napkin rings for everyone in the wedding party.  After a few email exchanges, we settled on:  the mr, the mrs, wino, hippie, rasta, fashionista, punk, artist, biker, raconteur, rock star, chatterbox, wanderer, chef, shopaholic, kerald, and frequent flyer.  I am grateful to have had the help of these creative women.  (THANKS GIRLS!)  My original choices were not nearly as interesting, and certainly did not capture the personalities of the members of this boisterous group of friends. 

The napkins are a linen fabric and the rings are made out of a heavier drapery fabric.  Slap bracelets give the napkin rings their shape.  Basically, I made little slap bracelet coverslips and stamped on the nicknames using fabric markers and rubber stamps.  I thought I was pretty clever when I came up with the slap bracelet idea.  The best part of the project was being in touch with the bridesmaids  and picturing the bride-to-be and her groom serving dinner in their home to all their closest friends.  Congrats you two.  We can’t wait for the wedding!


12 thoughts on “fashionistas, raconteurs, and rockstars

  1. Love it Apple! Clever clever idea. I really like the simple but summery fabric used. Great way to get involvement/participation up there. Cute nicknames they sound like they were a blast to come up with.

  2. I think what you have done with this blog is amazing! I love seeing of all your creative projects and the photos of your boy are just amazing! And then this morning to see this lovely post, I am so honored! This gift was truly something special! xoxo

  3. Love the napkin rings – the snap bracelet idea was brilliant! Love the nicknames on them. What fun! Is your prom skit on you tube, cause if it is I want to check it out!!

  4. These are beautiful! I haven’t gotten to see them in person yet, so I was very excited to get a preview here!
    I also wanted to let you know that after some encouragement over the wknd from Christine, I took your advice and started a blog. Thank you for the inspiration!
    (Bear with me – still a novice.

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