our kids are still awesome

Its been a while since I told you how awesome our kids are. No changes there. They are still pretty darn awesome.

She is super happy because she recently found her feet and figured out that they make excellent chew toys. She’s also been teething on stalks of her daddy’s homegrown broccoli.

Occasionally she gets to hang out with her big brother in his new fort. It gives her the giggles. She has the best little giggles.

Eating his favorite dinner {chicken pot pie} up high in his new favorite place.

He is realizing that he really does have a sister who is here to stay. A playmate forever. He relishes his role as the one person who can make her laugh the hardest. They are already dancing together in the kitchen-when she is in the doorway jumper contraption. Kitchen dancing = the best.

He’s been speaking in full sentences and, I think, has become an even happier person since discovering that the adults in his life can actually understand almost everything he says. The other day he called me stupid. The comment was appropriate at the time. Smarty.

He’s developing a crazy Boston accent. He gets it mostly from his mom. Yikes. I didn’t realize it was that strong.

I’ve been enjoying the summer with our little family. We haven’t been taking tons of weekend trips, like we did last summer. Been taking it slow. Its been nice.

The baby has started to consistently sleep through the night (knock on wood) but still goes to bed kind of late. I’ve been sewing a couple of hours here and there once or twice a week, but most nights I just want to sit on the couch with my husband.

We have an abundance of spearmint in our garden, so I have been making myself a mojito each evening. It’s a good habit to get into. Reminds me of my days in Berlin. That doesn’t sound logical, but it is. New favorite recipe here.

I bought a remote for the camera. So now I can be featured in some of my goofy photos. I think a family portrait is in order.


8 thoughts on “our kids are still awesome

  1. oh my! how sweet! and how quick they grow! 🙂 very sweet.
    we have tons of mint too, so i am gonna go check out the recipe..thanks.
    have a great weekend.

  2. What a sweet potrait in words and pictures of your family right now in these moments! Oh, I’m wondering how his labeling of you as stupid went….you have many more moments of shocking and amusing things coming out of their mouths. I think it’s part of their testing things out to see what happens. Family portraits – with you in the picture -Yea!

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