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I am chipping away at some of my party prep ideas. The stack of larger triangles will become a flag garland. The smaller triangles will serve another purpose. I’ll post photos of that project if the idea that I have in my head plays out as I envision.

It was a lot of fun to cut into some of my favorite pieces of fabric. I’m not one to be afraid to use up beautiful fabric. I understand the sentiment when people say things like “it’s just too pretty to cut into,” but I’ve come to realize that my tastes change fairly often and there is always something new coming out that I love.   It just seems like there are so many good designers out there and they tend to be fairly prolific. When I work on a project that allows me to choose some of my favorites from my modest collection, I don’t worry that I am using it all up. Rather, I feel like I am archiving those prints by using them in a project. Even if it is something that I am giving away.  Because I almost always take a photo of the things that I make and post them either here or on flickr. In that sense, I am able to hang on to every last beautiful print.  So, I guess having a blog does help me get over that “it’s too precious to use” mentality.

I do have to work on a strategy for the “Holy crap. That print is gorgeous.  I better buy some of it before it goes out of print” moments in my life.  Evidence of this above.  Joel Dewberry’s Chestnut Hill collection. The top and bottom prints are an all time favorite.  Purchased at Quilt Home. 30% off the whole collection. I’m not sure they are still running that sale but i do have to say that those women at that shop understand the need for instant gratification.  I ordered on-line on Wednesday and it was in my mailbox on Friday before 11 am.  They are based in Washington State and I am in Massachusetts, so honestly I don’t know how they do it.

In other party news, my husband has put in his birthday cake request.  Chocolate cake with caramel seeping through, a thin fudge layer inside, covered in white chocolate whipped cream frosting with butter crunch candy on top. There will be plenty of vanilla ice cream on the side, because you can’t get through a piece of rich cake like that without a small mountain of vanilla to temper it.


5 thoughts on “the archives

  1. your husband’s cake request is insane and I want to be part of it!

    thank you for sharing you philosophy on “saving” your favorites… i need to let go, too, and enjoy the end product… i tend to hold onto my favorite papers for too long.

  2. I used to be so bad with fabric cutting regrets/doubts. Always saying “Maybe I should have used the fabric for *this* project instead of *that* project.” But I’m becoming more and more brave about cutting fabric and just learning to go with the flow. Like you said, there is so many great prints out there to find and my taste is ever changing.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics, and I tend to share your philosophy about things. I don’t mind giving away projects or using things as long as I have a photo to document it. Also, my holy crap philosophy which also helps me use things up is that I don’t buy until or unless I’ve used some of what I already have. It’s part of my latest purging of clutter and stuff too!
    I’m with Jen I want to be part of that cake too! And if I don’t see a photo and a recipe I may hop in my mom van and drive all the way to Mass. and crash the party!!

  4. i had several “holy crap” moments this weekend! i can’t wait to get them in the mail!!!! i am thinking i must make my very first quilt with them!

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