many trips around the world

This lap-sized quilt was the one big handmade item I made this year for Christmas.  I started thinking about it in June and finished hand-sewing the binding just before Christmas.  I made it for my youngest sister and all of the fabric was from my stash. I was first inspired by this quilt, and then this one, and I followed this fantastic tutorial to piece the top.  I was surprised at how fiddly the blocks were to make, but I love the overall effect. The individual squares finish at 2.5″ and the quilt measures 60″x60.”  I quilted it in a simple crosshatch pattern and bound it with a polka dot print plus a handful of scraps to mix it up.  The back of the quilt is also patchwork.

So. What to say about this quilt?  I love it. It houses some of my most favorite pieces of fabric. I love the design. I love the mix of colors. I love the scrappiness. I love that it is crazy busy and there is no place for your eyes to rest!  I love how it is quilted. I love how it is bound. {This quilt! IT IS SO ME!}  I love that it now belongs to an awesome person and very good friend.

When I first picked my sister in our annual Christmas pick, I asked her if she wanted me to make her a quilt.  She said that she was really hoping that was the plan, and ever since, she’s been telling me how she is so excited for HER QUILT. {On Christmas morning, she sent me a text that read:  Merry Quilt Day!} Do you know how nice it is for someone to tell you over and over again, throughout the span of six months, that they are excited to receive something that you are making for them?  It’s really nice!  And you know what else? My little sister is really nice too. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.


11 thoughts on “many trips around the world

  1. it is so beautiful! i’m so excited for your sister! wish i had a sister that quilted! mine did make me cookies and granola, and that’s not so bad. happy new year!

  2. Absolutely lovely!! It is so you! What a delightful relationship you have, to refer to your sister as a friend! And you know, I know that feeling of having someone excited about what you are making. It was so nice making your mom’s papercut.

  3. It’s awesome. I seriously heart this so much. And I’m glad your sister was so thrilled to receive it! Sisters are the best. Also, I’m amazed and irritated that I just now found your blog. Duh to me.

  4. Oh My Gosh!!! I love this quilt so much I am literally a little queasy – you know that feeling you get when you walk into a fabulous quilt shop and you have to go outside and just breathe a little – well it’s hard to explain, but I am really jazzed about this quilt…Oh My Gosh!

  5. what a lovely quilt! and thanks for the link to the tut, i already bookmarked it, sounds much better than sewing all those little pieces together..
    i found you via flickr, i am, too, hoping to buy just some FMF, Pezzy and maybe one another new line this year 🙂

    have a good weekend, greetings from Munich,

  6. Best. Gift. Ever. I am the proud recipient of this amazing quilt and my sister is right, it is so her! I love laying with the quilt and just examining all of the pretty squares. The best part is I feel like I have my big sis’ with me everytime I’m wrapped in it…and that certainly makes for a warm heart!

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