random swirling thoughts

Lots of random little thoughts swirling around in my head. First the bad news. Creamsickle kicked the bucket yesterday. She lasted more than two months so I think that is respectable as far as the life of a goldfish goes. The sad thing is that “fishy” is one of about seven words in the little guy’s vocabulary. It looks like we might be in the market for a new family pet. One that looks like a creamsickle.

I’ve started up my running habit again. There was a very long hiatus (November-April) but my scare-the-townfolk-pale-legs are pounding the pavement with the kiddo once again. It feels good. And it fits nicely into our routine. My jogging partner is a lot heavier than he was last October, but he is also a lot more fun now, pointing out the trees and cars and houses and fellow joggers/bikers/walkers as we go. Last fall, he was guaranteed to snooze.

I have several little projects in the works and a plan to try something new. Felting. Motivation comes from here. My plan is to “up-cycle” a bunch of old wool sweaters by felting them and creating something useful. As far as I can tell so far, felting is accomplished by washing and drying wool in high heat. If local folks have any 100% wool sweaters they are looking to get rid of, the donation bin is open.

I missed the opportunity to say goodbye to a work friend who moved recently. And I don’t have her new digits. You know who you are, so if you are reading, could you shoot me a quick email so that I can be in touch? Oh, and I know that other friends of yours are scouring the internet looking for you too because some of them end up at this blog. Poor people do a search of your name but all they find here is a bunch of hokey crafts and photos of cute kids!

I just heard some big news today that my idea of utopia may be coming a little bit closer to reality by the fall. (A VERY BIG YAY!) More on that great news later.


5 thoughts on “random swirling thoughts

  1. Bought the coolest bag last fall. It was made from recycled sweaters and stitched together in a patchwork design. Mine was not felted but either way, I think it is a great idea. I have received 100s of compliments on it and lots of kudos for its “green” nature. We will all look forward to seeing what you create.

    I really enjoy your blogging, images of your little man, and your amazing creativity. Do you sell your quilts and bags anywhere?

  2. Hi Buffums! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I am glad you enjoy reading my little blog. To answer your question, I really just make things as gifts for fun. I don’t have an online shop and don’t participate in craft fairs. Maybe someday that will change if I can figure out how to manage a side business, but for now sewing is just a hobby for me. Please say hi to J, A, and M for me!

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